Wellbeing Policy

1. Aim

The aim of this policy is to clarify Clarus Education Ltd.’s commitment and legal obligations to your wellbeing and to set out the services available to you to help maintain your health and wellbeing.


2. Clarus Education Ltd.'s Obligations

As an employer, Clarus Education Ltd. has legal obligations to ensure the health of our employees at work.  We are committed to creating a working environment that minimises the risk to your health.


In line with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommendations, we must ensure that the demands of your job are reasonable, and you are adequately trained and supported to undertake your role. It means doing our best to give you as much control as possible over how your work is planned and carried out and dealing promptly with issues such as unacceptable behaviour by colleagues.


Through our payroll company Workrgroup, employees have access to the ‘Workr Umbrella Health Cash Plan’. This includes being able to access a variety of health care benefits. These benefits include cash back on dental fees for care/trauma, optical care, consultations and therapy, chiropody, online health assessments, and a GP and private prescription services.


Clarus Education Ltd. has implemented an engagement survey whereby we send this survey quarterly to check-in on how employees are feeling towards different aspects of work life. We also offer monthly reviews whereby employees can check in with either with Danny, Alison or Ellen and have a general catch-up on all aspects of work life and voice any concerns.


3. Employee Obligations

Ultimately, you have primary responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. It is up to you to take reasonable care of yourself and to let us know about any aspect of work or your working environment, which may be affecting your health. If you wish at any time to discuss a problem, either related to your job or of a personal nature, Danny Jillions and Alison Watkis are happy to provide advice and guidance. This will allow you to raise concerns about your volume of work, some training that you may need or to discuss any personality issues within the team.


Any discussion regarding your health will be treated in the strictest confidence. It is in everyone’s interest that you raise issues early so that they can be dealt with.