About us

Clarus Education has been born out of the need for an improved recruitment service within education. With the evolution of technology and the advancement of social media, finding the right job has become easier and harder at the same time.

With Clarus Education, finding your ideal job, whether as a school administrator, class teacher, or senior leader, will be effortless in comparison to the hours spent sifting through a mountain of application forms!

Our team works on solely Permanent & Long-Term positions.

Who we are

Clarus Education is a specialist education recruitment consultancy that makes a difference. We provide people that are passionate about education with the stepping stone they need to forge a career in their chosen field.

We are driven by the belief that the UK education recruitment system deserves the best. Since the company’s inception in 2015, we have dedicated ourselves to matching talented people with rewarding educational roles. We specialise in securing permanent and long-term opportunities for existing teachers and graduates inspired by and interested in the education sector.

Our team’s combined industry expertise helps us guide, advise, and most importantly, listen. Our approach is genuine, honest and straightforward – we’re here to help and don’t try to mould candidates to positions that aren’t aligned with their professional and personal aspirations.

We strive to add value to everything we do and recognise the important role we have in shaping the future face of schools across London and the West Midlands.

We work hard and smart to make a positive difference to our candidates’ careers, and the performance of the schools we work with.


Personal investment

We put our heart and soul into every placement. Our team get to know our candidates as individuals and take great pride in helping them achieve their long-term career aspirations.

Social responsibility

We treat people as we want to be treated. We work collaboratively and in partnership with our client schools, providing support for resources and ongoing community and CSR projects.

Commitment to quality

Our standards are second to none. We adapt to the changing demands of the education sector and consistently deliver exceptional levels of service to both candidates and clients.  

Long-term vision

Our relentless focus is on quality and consistency. Rather than filling temp gaps with quick fixes, we build long-term relationships and help establish successful careers in education.

Meet the team

Danny Jillions

Managing Director

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Like most graduates, Danny paid a small fortune to complete a degree to then venture into the real world with no clue on what he wanted to do as a first job, never mind a career! Danny seemed to fall into recruitment, having always been a ‘people person’.

12 years on, he is not only still recruiting but Clarus Education has been born. Along with his partner in crime Alison, he's made Clarus a leading education recruitment consultancy, which genuinely adds value to UK schools’ recruitment process and provides an exceptional service.

Clarus Education is breaking the mould and will continue to do what they do best…!

Alison Watkis-Octave

Managing Partner

Alison is the Managing Partner at Clarus Education.

With almost 20 years of education recruitment under her belt, she, together with her amazing work husband Danny, advises the team and gives them the support and guidance they need to provide the best possible experience for clients and candidates alike.

Alison is incredibly proud of Clarus and the people within it, due to the impeccable level of service they give to all.

Ellen Portsmouth

Compliance Officer

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer

Ellen is a former Secondary Head of Department who’s been with Clarus Education from the beginning. She’s the crazy aunt of the Clarus family and manages the compliance processes, amongst lots of other things.

She is most likely to be caught singing a show tune at her desk!

Samantha Cox

Lead Resourcer & University Liaison Co-ordinator

Samantha was a Primary School Teacher for almost 18 years before embarking on a career change to become a Candidate Resourcer & Trainee Consultant here at Clarus Education.

Her experience in EYFS and KS1 in both UK mainstream schools, and also in international posts in private schools in Dubai, Rome and New York makes her the voice of understanding for candidates looking to find their perfect role.

She enjoys exploring new places as she becomes reacquainted with London after her travels.

Chloe Johnson

Principal Consultant

It’s your typical country girl hits the city but with a lot of education in the middle. Originally from Devon, after attending university and achieving Qualified Teacher Status, Chloe has been a teacher in Essex for over 8 years.

Through being in the sector, and experiencing two Education ministers and a change in a National Curriculum, Chloe understands first hand what the different role expectations are and how fluid the education sector is as it continues to adapt and grow. 

Utilising her expertise, Chloe joined Clarus Education as a Consultant and applies her knowledge and support to contribute towards the success of Clarus’ clients and candidates. Her priorities are to ensure that the needs of the clientele of Clarus are not only adhered to but surpassed. 

Taylor Nixon

Education Consultant

Taylor completed an apprenticeship in recruitment and found her passion for working with people. She also completed a 2-month post in Thailand as a Childcare Volunteer. 

Taylor's younger brother has autism, so working with Clarus Education appealed to her as she understands the importance of the education sector. 

Marianne Tapley

Senior Consultant

Marianne has over 10 years experience in the recruitment sector as a consultant and team leader. Her expertise lies in education recruitment ranging from apprenticeships, school and universities both in the UK and internationally.

She has also had first hand teaching experience working in America where she taught horse riding to learners of all ages and abilities.

Krystina Cheshire

SEN Education Consultant

Krystina worked as a Primary school teacher for 12 years before embarking on her career change to become an Education Consultant here at Clarus Education. She is passionate about supporting children with Special Educational Needs.

She hopes that her experience working with SEND pupils as a teacher and her experience as a parent of children with SEN will provide the insight and compassion needed to support candidates into the right roles.

Beth Telford

Education Consultant

Bethany is a Psychology graduate, who during her studies, discovered her passion for education and SEND support practices. She went on to work as Secondary SEN TA, finding her role through an Education Agency.

When ready for her next challenge, it only made sense to begin supporting educators to find their dream roles in the same way she was introduced to the sector. Using her knowledge and first-hand experience, Bethany strives to achieve the very best for her candidates and clients. 

Georgina Stark

Candidate Resourcer

Georgina is an Education & Special and Inclusive Education Studies graduate with previous experiences as an SEN camp counsellor in the USA as well as an Occupational Therapy Assistant out in Australia.

Having gone on to work as a TA after her studies, Georgina discovered her passion for helping others and believes she can go above and beyond at Clarus Education.

Gemma Parkinson

Compliance Officer

Gemma is a former IAG advisor who has worked in and around the education sector for 15 years.

Gemma has extensive safeguarding knowledge and experience of the education sector which makes well her placed to ensure all processes are followed in line with safer recruitment.

Gemma works alongside Ellen in Compliance and is also our Wellbeing Champion, Content Creator and Social Secretary.

Samiya Williams

SEN Education Consultant

Samiya is a Primary Education Studies graduate with over 7 years of experience within the education sector. After completing her PGCE she went on to become a Primary school teacher. Following this, she worked as an Online Tutor, helping children with behavioral difficulties, SEN, and those needing an extra bit of help to reach their full potential.

This further sparked her passion for supporting children with Special Educational Needs. She is hoping to use her knowledge and experience to help educators find their dream role working with SEN children through Clarus, as well as helping clients find the perfect fit for their students.

Sally Roche

Education Consultant

In 2015, Sally graduated in Primary Education, achieving Qualified Teacher Status at the University of Greenwich. Sally then worked as a Primary Teacher for 6 years, in Essex and Dubai, before joining the world of Education Recruitment as a Consultant. Sally is passionate about all educators’ happiness within their careers and puts individuals’ preferences and goals at the forefront of her recruitment experiences with teachers and teaching assistants.

She understands the importance of feeling supported to flourish within all roles, but also what schools require to provide high-quality teaching and learning experiences for the children of future generations.