Recruitment Policies & Procedures

Policy Review Date: September 2020
Next Review Date: September 2021


The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment of the Board of Directors and Senior Management Team to the promotion of equality of opportunity at Clarus Education. It is our policy to provide employment equality to all, irrespective of:

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination. All job applicants, employees, and others who work for us will be treated in the same way and will not be discriminated against on any of the above grounds. 

Decisions about recruitment and selection, promotion, training, or any other benefit will be made objectively and without unlawful discrimination. We recognise that the provision of equal opportunities in the workplace is not only good management practice but sound business practice. 

Our equal opportunities policy will help all those who work for us to develop their full potential and the talents and the resources of the workforce will be used fully to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

Clarus Education’s Equal Opportunities Policy applies to all those who work for (or apply to work for) the organisation. This covers all job applicants and potential applicants; employees; contract workers; agency workers; trainee workers and students on work experience or placements; volunteer workers and former employees.


We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal information. We will store candidate’s information up to 5 years, however, a candidate can request for their details to be removed from our system at any point.

DBS Disclaimer

If a school wants to see a candidate before a DBS has been issued through us, we provide a ‘DBS Disclaimer’. This covers Clarus Education Ltd from accepting any liability from a client as the candidates DBS will still be in process with us at the time of the interview. The form contains all the checks that have been done by Clarus, by doing this the client can carry out their own risk assessment. The disclaimer will need to be signed by the client ahead of the candidate interview.

Recruitment Procedure

Clarus Education Ltd aims to ensure that the recruitment procedure is stringently followed by every member of staff to ensure we have a non-bias recruitment selection. A candidate cannot be clear for work unless all these steps have been followed through. After a consultant has got in contact with a  candidate and deems them to be suitable for a role; the steps below will be followed:

Step 1

The candidate will need to fill out three online forms to register with Clarus Education Ltd, this will include the following:

Step 2

Personal profiles: A short profile (approx. 300 words) would be requested by the consultant to be written in 3rd person. This would give schools an insight into a candidate's personality, ambitions, and goals. It is all about highlighting their strengths to help them secure the role of their choice. An example would be attached.

Step 3

Candidates will be requested to send through relevant documentation to the Compliance team on This will include them providing Proof of right to work and ID, proof of address, qualifications, and a DBS if obtained. Once this information has been received, the Compliance team will contact the candidate to arrange a Zoom call to verify these. Original documents MUST be shown. If a DBS is required, the compliance team would need to send this information to the candidate on how to apply. References will be contacted as well as ensuring overseas checks are obtained where applicable.

Step 4

After the meeting or zoom call, the Compliance team will send a copy of the Terms of Engagement. This will include information on our contract with the temporary worker. A candidate declaration document will also be sent, this will include a summary of what the consultant and compliance officer would have gone through. The candidate will then have the opportunity to ask any further questions before signing off both forms.

Compliance Protocols

Clear for an interview – A candidate will need to have the following:

For a candidate to be fully cleared in our books, we will have needed to obtain two references.