Written by Ellen O'Shea

New Year, New Clarus- Resolution to Ring in the Changes

Hello 2022! I think, like most people, I am glad to say goodbye to the last couple of years and all of the upheaval, stress and strife that a global pandemic brings. Whilst we are not yet out of the woods, it does at least feel that we are heading in the right direction.

So what better way to start the year than by burdening ourselves with resolutions…those delightfully restrictive, self-imposed rules that everyone declares on January 1st ; ”I will not eat any chocolate “I will stop drinking” etc etc. No! Its ridiculous to be so restrictive and its why so many resolutions go out of the window by the end of the first week!

At Clarus, we have decided that 2022 should be a year of positivity. Individual resolutions include improving health and wellbeing and making more time for ourselves; whether its studying something new, reading more books or spending more time with our families. As a company our main resolution is to continue to provide excellent service to our candidates and clients and embrace change, which is handy as we have lots of exciting new developments in store!


New Faces

Firstly, we have new faces joining us. A mix of experienced recruiters and trainees, we have no doubt that their enthusiasm and professionalism will help us achieve our goals. I asked each of them to introduce themselves:

Priya- I thrive off the fact that no two days in recruitment are the same and relish the different challenges. I have a very personable approach towards my schools and candidates, which allows me to build strong working relationships and loyalty as well as continue to develop a solid understanding of the Education sector.  

Taylor- I’ve come from a recruitment background, but I am particularly interested in the education sector as my brother has autism, so I’m passionate about children getting the best education that meets their individual needs.

Mike – I’ve worked in recruitment for 8 years now and have a very strong passion for helping others; whether that’s finding the best job for people, or finding the best people for the job.

Georgina – I’m excited to be joining as a resourcer/trainee consultant. I would describe myself as the 3 p's: patient, passionate and personable.

Welcome to the team!


TEC Team

Our second new development is the introduction of our TEC Team, designed to provide our candidates with the training they need to thrive in their roles.

The team is made up of our colleagues Samantha, Scarlett and Shevonnae, who all have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our candidates ahead of interview, or as additional training once they are in role.

Scarlett and Shevonnae offer the opportunity to become Team Teach qualified with a two-day positive behaviour training course that helps build strong relationships and transform challenging situations into positive outcomes. The course will run every half-term and will provide advice and techniques to foster supportive working practices and recognise the needs of distressed individuals. 

Samantha has set up a ‘Clarus Classroom’ full of videos and information about key areas including behaviour, safeguarding, assessment, curriculum overviews for each Key Stage and working with children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).


New Pad

We also have a new home for 2022. Clarus will be moving into a new office near Liverpool Street This will enable even greater flexibility for the team and give us a base for team meetings and socials going forward.



Definitely the cutest new thing on the block is Luna, an adorable Cavapoo puppy who we have adopted as the official Clarus Dog. She’ll be living with our Director, Alison, but we shall steal her as often as we can!


Happy New Year!

So as you can see, it is an exciting and busy new year for us at Clarus. We aim to see it through with fun and laughter, all whilst delivering the same high standards that we pride ourselves on.

Wishing you all the best for 2022 and every success with your resolutions, whatever they may be!