Giving back

We care about the community

Our 2021 Pledge

As a company we are donating not just our money but also our time this year to really make an impact and give back to charities that are close to our hearts

Our aim is to spread positivity whilst we’re all dusting ourselves down from 2020 and getting back to some sense of normality. We want to do everything we can to give back and take advantage of the added benefit of spending time together as a team, working on our own wellness and mental health by completing the challenges together and ultimately raise funds for our chosen charities below.

Q1: Black Minds Matter

Alleviating the stigma attached with mental health in a community where this is needed most

Championed by Shevonnae Sokoya 

Awareness around mental health has been on the rise and 2020 was a tough one for all, especially within the Black community. The unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others was the catalyst that sparked uproar around the world and the mass support of the BLM movement. Here in the UK amongst the madness, Black Minds Matter (BMM) was born. I have loved ones who have struggled with mental health and it is great to see that more is being done to support those in need during a time where they probably need it most and I’m keen to get behind a charity who recognise the importance of mental health and are doing their part to make a real difference.

Clarus’ Pledge to fundraise for BMM (January - March)
  • We will walk or run 1,500km, tracking our kilometres and providing regular updates on our social media channels. You can donate by clicking the link below.
  • For every £5 you donate your name will be entered into our raffle draw (£20 donation would equate to 4 entries) where the winner will receive a delectable Fortnum & Mason Hamper.

Q2: Kent, Sussex & Surrey Air Ambulance

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and Air Ambulance Service

Championed by Ryan Bingham

In 2003 my dad was driving back from a normal day’s work, when he had a sudden stroke. This made him lose consciousness and the transit van he was driving rolled over several times ending up in a ditch upside down. The weight of the van rested on his chest and arm, as his window was open – but thankfully he had been wearing his seat belt. He was in a very critical condition and immediately airlifted to William Harvey Hospital where he was put on life support for over a month and Doctors told us to prepare for the worst. Very happily, after more than 3 months my Dad came home, it has been a long healing journey with many obstacles and health related issues but the role that Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust played a very critical part in saving my Dad’s life.

Clarus’ Pledge to fundraise for Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance Trust (April - June)
  • The team will be completing a virtual triathlon of over 1,000 miles between us made up of 600 miles cycling, 300 miles running/walking and 100 miles swimming; and
  • We will also complete 250 hours of HIIT sessions over the quarter.

Q3: Addenbrookes Hospital

One of the country’s leading hospitals with a world renowned reputation as a Cambridge University teaching hospital

Championed by Scarlett Armstrong

With so many worthy charities helping people battling cancer we couldn’t just pick one, so we have enhanced our Q3 Pledge by also supporting Addenbrookes Hospital in the centre of Cambridge. This charity means a great deal to me as the hospital is currently focusing on a ‘Cancer Campaign’ to raise money for Specialist Counselling, a new 3D Scanner and so much more. Cancer has hit my family hard over the years: My Maternal Grandmother with her battle with Breast Cancer; My Maternal Grandfather with his battle with Pancreatic Cancer; My Father is currently battling a Brain Tumour. With each family member, the hospital have been more than we could have hoped in terms of the support and care they gave my loved ones. I was so reassured to know that the hospital went through all the options with them but also gave a personal touch to the care.

Clarus’ Pledge to fundraise for Addenbrookes Hospital (July - September)
  • We are finalising our pledge for Addenbrookes Hospital and will updated you soon.
  • You can still donate to this worthy cause by clicking the link below.

Q4: Hogarth Teenage Cancer Trust

Part of Nottingham City Hospital providing care for young people aged 18 - 24 with cancer

Championed by Danny Jillions

Cancer cruelly effects so many people every year. It is such a prevalent disease, which many battle and too many unfortunately succumb to. Hogarth Teenage Cancer Trust is a cause close to my heart as my cousins’ son, aged 17 took on in the form of Leukaemia and won. Having had chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant he was finally given the all clear nearly a year on from diagnosis. Unfortunately, in a cruel twist of fate, Josh caught a common cold; which rapidly developed into sepsis. He finally closed his eyes and passed away in October this year, just before his 18th birthday. Taken way too soon – RIP Josh Atkinson x

Clarus’ Pledge to fundraise for Hogarth Teenage Cancer Trust (July - September)
  • Danny and a small team will run or walk the 3 Peaks Challenge.
  • Danny will also become vegetarian for a fortnight.


Everything we do is considered with social responsibility in mind, our chosen charity is Action 4 Children and we encourage everyone in our team to help make a difference in supporting the many charitable organisations our client schools work with, as well as the communities they represent.